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Our Heroes

To the Heroes of Our

Canadian Armed Forces and First Responders

We're grateful for all of the sacrifices Canadians make for the greater good this Remembrance Day, and every one past. We send our heartfelt condolences, not only the loss of life on Parliament Hill this October, but every single loss, past, present, and unfortunately, future.

Every day we take for granted our rights and freedoms, with little or no recognition to those who protect and guarantee our peaceful existence; they put their lives on the line willingly and without reservation.

Each and every day you have chosen to protect us from domestic and foreign evils. Yet you will never receive the accolades of a sports hero or even the winner of a grade school spelling bee.

You will have to settle for a simple and genuine thank you.

Thank you for allowing us to walk down our streets without fear, raise our children in a safe environment, express our ideas without fear of reprisal, enjoy our religious beliefs without fear of persecution.You guard us and protect us; we invite everyone to say a simple, thank you.

Lest you forget, they stand on guard for US’


- The staff at Erin Mills Mitsubishi