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Mississauga Detailing Special

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Summer is the ideal time for getting the thorough cleaning and vacuuming you've wanted to get done finished for cruising season.

When we say our Erin Mills service staff do a thorough job we mean we employ detailing professionals and giving you package levels to pick what's right for your vehicle.

We understand that not everyone can devote time to a weekly/semi-monthly car wash. Let us apply the elbow grease for you and spend some time taking care of your favourite vehicle.

Detailing packages

Our varied package levels give you everything you could need to get cleaned up right.

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Not only does a detailing job restore the outside of your car to what it should look like after a long Canadian winter, our cleaning techniques remove built up road salt and residues that can break down essential metal car parts.

Winter road salt is regularly sprayed on Toronto and Ontario roads to melt the snow and ice. It helps to reveal the actual road underneath, and therefore reintroduce traction to your wheels. The same goes for the pavement. If you've ever had a pair of leather shoes destroyed in a couple of seasons, imagine what can happen to metal. Regular steam cleaning and undercarriage cleaning can help deter the consequences of road salt and save you from costly problems down the road.

Winter salt gets moved by your wheels to places that we don’t want it to go, like your vehicle underbody, the various wheel sensors and brake systems, and on other out-of-sight car surfaces. Salt mixed with grime and other pollutants, can also find its way inside the car, via your shoes and the elements. It can seep onto other metal surfaces from the inside and cause additional issues, not only on the mechanical side, but also on the outside.

Come down to Erin Mills Mitsubishi and see how we can transform your car back to it's warmer weather glory and help you prepare the right way for your summer travels.